This brief summarises key considerations concerning cross-border dynamics between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the context of the outbreak of Ebola in North Kivu and surrounding provinces, December 2018. Further participatory enquiry should be undertaken, but given ongoing transmission, conveying key considerations and immediate recommendations related to community engagement have been prioritised. This brief was drafted by Juliet Bedford (Anthrologica) and Grace Akello (Gulu University), with support from Theresa Jones and Ingrid Gercama (Anthrologica). It builds on a rapid review of existing published and grey literature, experience of previous Ebola outbreaks in Uganda and DRC, and findings from rapid fieldwork conducted from 10-14 December 2018 in Kasese District, Uganda. Informal discussions were conducted with colleagues from UNICEF, WHO, IFRC, Oxfam, IOM, USAID, GOARN Research Social Science Group and others.

The brief includes inputs from expert advisers who reviewed the document prior to finalisation (listed at the end of the brief). Responsibility for the brief lies with the Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP).