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Compilation de Données en Matière de Sciences Sociales et Comportementales – Novembre 2018

Cette brève compilation d’analyses de données fournit un « état des lieux » des données en matière de sciences sociales et comportementales liées à la flambée épidémique du virus Ébola dans les provinces du Nord-Kivu et de l’Ituri. Sur la base des données collectées et analysées par des organisations oeuvrant au sein de la région, […]

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Social Science and Behavioural Data Compilation, DRC Ebola Outbreak, November 2018-February 2019

This rapid compilation of data analyses provides a ‘stock-take’ of social science and behavioural data related to the on-going outbreak of Ebola in North Kivu and Ituri provinces. Based on data gathered and analysed by organisations working in the Ebola response and in the region more broadly, it explores convergences and divergences between datasets and, […]

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Social Science Lessons Learned from Ebola Epidemics – Evidence Summary

In this ‘Social Science in Epidemics’ series, different aspects of past disease outbreaks are reviewed in order to identify social science ‘entry points’ for preparedness and response activities. This brief draws out some recommendations for Ebola response actors in North Kivu. It includes lessons learned primarily from (i) historical outbreaks in Congo; (ii) outbreaks in […]

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Social Science in Epidemics: Influenza and SARS Lessons Learned

This report is the third instalment of the ‘Social Science in Epidemics’ series, commissioned by the USAID Office of U.S. Foreign Direct Assistance (OFDA). In this series, past outbreaks are reviewed in order to identify social science ‘entry points’ for emergency interventions and preparedness activities. The aim is to determine tangible ways to address the […]

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Dynamique Transfrontalière Ouganda-RDC

Cette note stratégique résume les considérations clés relatives à la dynamique transfrontalière entre l’Ouganda et la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) dans le contexte de la flambée épidémique d’Ébola survenue dans le Nord-Kivu et dans les provinces environnantes, en décembre 2018. D’autres enquêtes participatives doivent être menées auprès des populations touchées, mais au vu de […]

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Uganda-DRC Cross-Border Dynamics

This brief summarises key considerations concerning cross-border dynamics between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the context of the outbreak of Ebola in North Kivu and surrounding provinces, December 2018. Further participatory enquiry should be undertaken, but given ongoing transmission, conveying key considerations and immediate recommendations related to community engagement have been […]

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Cultural Epidemiology of Pandemic Influenza in Urban and Rural Pune, India: A Cross-Sectional, Mixed-Methods Study

The objective of this study was to identify and compare socio-cultural features of pandemic influenza with reference to illness-related experience, meaning and behaviour in urban and rural areas of India. Cross-sectional, mixed-methods, cultural epidemiological survey with vignette-based interviews. Semi-structured explanatory model interviews were used to study community ideas of the 2009 influenza pandemic. In-depth interviews […]

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Cell Phones as an Anticipatory Technology: Behind the Hype of Big Data for Ebola Detection and Containment

This paper analyzes ethnographic and cartographic evidence from Sierra Leone that show the limitations of big data relative to the containment of Ebola. In this paper, big data is both a technology itself and also a foundation and catalyst for other technologies. Early in 2014, big data’s technologies of data collection as well as its […]

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Knowledge and Practices Related to Plague in an Endemic Area of Uganda

Plague is a virulent zoonosis reported most commonly from Sub-Saharan Africa. Early treatment with antibiotics is important to prevent mortality. Understanding knowledge gaps and common behaviors informs the development of educational efforts to reduce plague mortality. Methods A multi-stage cluster-sampled survey of 420 households was conducted in the plague-endemic West Nile region of Uganda to […]

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Attitudes towards Zika Virus Infection among Medical Doctors in Acehprovince, Indonesia

Zika virus (ZIKV) infection, a public health emergency of international concern, has recently been confirmed in Indonesia. However, to date, there has been no study to assess how prepared healthcare workers in Indonesia are to confront this emerging infectious disease. The aim of this study was to assess the attitudes of medical doctors in Indonesia […]

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