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WhatsApp and Local Media (Grand Nord) – 9-18 September 2018

This note provides an overview of a selection of key messages related to the Ebola outbreak and response that are circulating on WhatsApp and the local media (radio, print and video) in North Kivu, DRC, between 9-18 September 2018. A series of videos and sound recordings accompany this document. The note was prepared by Dr […]

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Use of SMS-Based Surveys in the Rapid Response to the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia: Opening Community Dialogue

During an emerging health crisis like the 2014 Ebola outbreak inWest Africa, communicating with communities to learn from them and to provide timely information can be a challenge. Insight into community thinking, however, is crucial for developing appropriate communication content and strategies and for monitoring the progress of the emergency response. in November 2014, the […]

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Cell Phones as an Anticipatory Technology: Behind the Hype of Big Data for Ebola Detection and Containment

This paper analyzes ethnographic and cartographic evidence from Sierra Leone that show the limitations of big data relative to the containment of Ebola. In this paper, big data is both a technology itself and also a foundation and catalyst for other technologies. Early in 2014, big data’s technologies of data collection as well as its […]

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