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    Impact of Climate Hazards on Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Practices in Burkina Faso

    Ruhil Iyer, Léa Pare Toe / The Sanitation Learning Hub, 2022
    Despite climate change being a major concern for the sanitation sector, rural sanitation remains neglected in the wider discussions of climate impacts on WASH services. Also, the voices of vulnerable individuals, households, and communities who are experiencing the effects of climate change in relation to sanitation issues are missing.
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    Engaging and Empowering Young People through Arts and Humanities Approaches in the Context of Global Challenges

    A. Brody / PRAXIS: Arts and Humanities for Global Development, University of Leeds, 2022
    The central question informing the report is: What is the distinctive contribution of arts and humanities research for engaging and empowering young people in the context of global challenges?
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    Can ICTs increase tax compliance? Evidence on taxpayer responses to technological innovation in Ethiopia

    Giulia Mascagni, Andualem T. Mengistu, Firew B. Woldeyes / Elsevier, 2021
    The widespread introduction of ICTs and digitised data management systems is one of the most important developments amongst African tax administrations in recent years. However, very little evidence is available on their effectiveness to increase compliance and on how taxpayers respond to these changes. This paper starts filling this gap by reporting three sets of results from Ethiopia.
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    Effective tax rates and firm size in Ethiopia

    Giulia Mascagni, Andualem Mengistu / Wiley Online Library, 2018
    The literature on Effective Tax Rates (ETRs) focuses on high- and middle-income countries, but there is very little evidence on low-income countries. This article addresses this gap with new evidence from Ethiopia. We investigate corporate ETRs in Ethiopia and whether the distributional effects they have in practice are in line with the corporate tax policy design.
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    Factors affecting the adoption and usage of electronic tax system in Ethiopia in the case of Addis Ababa city large taxpayers

    Mathewos Woldemariam Birru / Taylor and Francis Group, 2021
    The aim of this research is to assess the adoption and usage of electronic tax system in the case of large taxpayers in Addis Ababa city through the implementation of unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model with the addition of web quality, awareness, anxiety and perceived risk.
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    Gender and Tax Incidence of Rural Land Use Fee and Agricultural Income Tax in Ethiopia

    Hitomi Komatsu, Alemayehu A. Ambel, Gayatri Koolwal, Manex Bule Yonis / World Bank, 2021
    The rural land use fee and agricultural income tax are major payments for rural landholders in Ethiopia. This paper examines the gender implications of these taxes using tax payment and individual land ownership data from the Ethiopian Socioeconomic Survey 2018/2019. It finds that the rural land use fee and agricultural income tax, which are assessed on the area of landholdings, are regressive.


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Two illustrated hands have their palms upwards, with one higher than the other, like steps. On the top step is a rabbit made out of child's play blocks.
8th February 2023
The Rejuvenate project share an animation designed to challenge preconceived ideas and start conversations about what children are capable of.
A colourful illustration of a man with a scarf around his neck holding a drum and drumsticks
4th November 2022
The Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development has just published a new, free e-Book.
6th July 2022
Join the Rejuvenate project for a virtual event to discuss, how does gender intersect with child/youth rights and participation?
A patrol of peacekeepers from the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) passes through streets lined with looted items awaiting collection in Abyei, the main town of the disputed Abyei area on the border of Sudan and newly independent South Sudan. In a
7th June 2022
Better Assistance in Crises (BASIC) Research is collaborating with throughout June to deliver an interactive e-discussion series on delivering social
4th January 2022
A large part of the Sanitation Learning Hub’s (SLH) work is around research and learning to support gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in sanitation and hygiene programming.