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Ranjita Mohanty

Ranjita Mohanty



Dr. Ranjita Mohanty is an independent scholar and research consultant based in New Delhi, India. As a political sociologist her abiding interest is to study ‘politics of the poor and powerless’. Her research has covered various aspects of social movements, participation, decentralized governance, development, social justice, citizenship rights of the marginalized and complexities of citizen- state relationship.

Dr. Mohanty has edited (with Rajesh Tandon) two books: “Does Civil Society Matter? Governance in Contemporary India” and “Participatory Citizenship: Issues of Identity, Inclusion, Exclusion”, both published from the Sage Publication, New Delhi.

Dr. Mohanty was earlier with the Society for Participatory Research in Asia where she convened the DRC Citizenship Project in India. She is currently visiting the University of Western Cape, South Africa.


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