This table outlines the key resources that we use within online dialogue projects and signposts the examples or template versions:

Phase Title Purpose Description
Overview Top Tips for Running a Successful E-discussion Improve your chance of success This blog highlights the wide range of things an e-discussion project team can / should do to maximise the chances of success.
Overview Top-tips for running webinars Improve your chance of success This document highlights lessons learned from specific IDS experiences delivering webinars to maximise the chances of success.
Planning / Project Management Planning for an E-discussion Plan the steps needed to realise your event This document describes the main activities involved in the 2-3 months leading up to a discussion event
Planning / Project Management Example Project Tasklist/Checklist Checklist of all the tasks needed Don’t forget anything by making sure that all the tasks and activities needed in the discussion process are assigned and allocated.
Planning / Project Management Roles and Responsibilities Decide who is going to do what What are all the roles and responsibilities to be carried for your event? The most common are listed and described here.
Planning / Project Management Template Lead-in Timeline Organise activities and set deadlines This template can be used to produce a tailored timeline for a discussion project period
Planning / Project Management Example Project Template  Your discussion event in project terms Use this template to identify your projects’ goals, aims and objectives and determine how to achieve these.
Preparation Proposition and Rationale Statements Frame and guide your project What are rationale and proposition statements and view some examples.
Preparation Open vs. Closed Online Discussions – what are the pros and cons? What type of event suits your needs Open and closed discussions and groups can be used in different scenarios. This document looks at the merits and downsides of both.
Preparation Example Discussion Guide Plan what your event might look like Map out the key questions and themes you want to cover during your e-discussion.
Preparation Language Barriers – what are the options? Choose how to manage your language needs This document sets out some provisional options for managing e-discussions in multiple languages.
Delivery / analysis Starting a Discussion Thread Learn how to get your event started Description of the key steps/tools used when opening an online discussion event.
Delivery / analysis Example Participation Report Monitor activity in discussion Useful Project Team tool to capture participation activity by visits and contributions of individual group members
Delivery / analysis Example Thread Summary Synthesise and share the conversation Summary of discussion content highlighting key messages. Often broken down by thread or theme.
Delivery / analysis Example ‘Outputs’ from a Discussion Event: A. B. Communicate the key messages from your discussion Two different examples of what a post event output might look like.
Delivery / analysis Examples: Info-graphic;
Word Cloud;
Geographic Spread; Interactive Prezi
Data visualisations to help tell the story of an event A collection of different graphics that have been used by projects to understand, communicate and describe the experience, the benefits and the coverage of a discussion (for example)