Louise Clark, Marina Apgar
IDS, University of Edinburgh and CDI, November 2019

This resource guide is one of a series of four developed to support researchers in international development with key monitoring, evaluation and learning processes, such as Theory of Change and logframes for proposal and project design. Exploring the different components of MEL systems and the practical implications for implementation This resource guide will provide an introduction to: the different elements of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL), exploring the overlaps and gaps between the three processes; the role of a theory of change and logframe in designing and operationalising an effective MEL system; a selection of evaluation approaches to understand how project activities (the interventions) are contributing to change (outcomes and impact); the importance of learning and reflection in project cycles and how a process oriented and reflexive use of theory of change can provide a framework to support project adjustments and adaptive management.

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Partner(s): Institute of Development Studies