The BRIDGE team

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Alyson Brody

BRIDGE Manager and Senior Gender Convenor

Alyson Brody is the Manager of BRIDGE and Senior Gender Convenor at IDS. She has over 15 years’ experience in the field of gender and social development, with specialist knowledge in Southeast Asian contexts. Alyson holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of London. She has worked with several NGOs on women’s and children’s rights, and is a former member of the UK Gender and Development Network Advisory Board. Currently she is director of an innovative partnership programme with the World Food Programme that aims to improve organisational learning on gender mainstreaming through participatory processes.

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Amy Hall

Editorial Coordinator

Amy Hall is an Editorial Coordinator at IDS, working across a variety of themes. She is a trained journalist and holds a PgDip in Magazine Journalism from Cardiff School of Journalism. Amy does a variety of editorial work at IDS including social media and sourcing, creating and editing content for a range of digital services including Eldis, BRIDGE and Interactions. Amy has contributed to a range of print and online publications, largely focused on politics, development, social change, gender and the environment. She works on a freelance basis for publications including New Internationalist magazine.

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Georgina Aboud

Gender Convenor

Georgina Aboud is a Gender Convenor for BRIDGE based in the Knowledge Services team at the UK Institute of Development Studies (IDS) with expertise in gender and climate change. Prior to her BRIDGE role she worked at the Department for International Development as a consultant, as well as for the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC), and for Eldis as the Gender, Participation and Migration editor. She has also conducted election support work in Kosovo, Macedonia and Ukraine. Georgina holds an MA in Development Studies from the University of East Anglia.



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Jenny Birchall

Gender Convenor

Jenny Birchall is a Gender Convenor at BRIDGE and has worked for the last ten years in the field of equality and human rights. She has written on gender and public space, equality and the workplace and gender and migration. She has a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies from the University of Manchester.


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Julia Hamaus

Gender Convenor

Julia Hamaus is a Gender Convenor with BRIDGE at IDS. She is specialised in gender studies and holds an MPhil in peace, conflict and development studies. Julia’s work at IDS involves research and knowledge mobilisation, supporting gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts and promoting innovative work with southern partners, particularly in the areas of gender and social movements, women’s public and political participation and men and masculinities. Julia also convenes the Eldis conflict and governance resource guides. Prior to her appointment at IDS, Julia worked as a gender advisor for GIZ in Zambia, working primarily on gender-based violence and women’s access to justice.


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Paola Brambilla

Gender Convenor

Paola Brambilla is a Gender Convenor with BRIDGE at IDS. She holds a gender and development MA from IDS and has worked on gender issues in civil society organisations, INGOs and research institutions since 1994. Paola currently focuses on partnership building and development for research and knowledge management, learning and communication. She builds projects with partners particularly in non-English speaking regions with an aim to integrate their perspectives and experiences into global discourses, research and practice and to share their knowledge both regionally and cross-regionally across language barriers. She has lived in Ecuador, South America, where she worked in rural women’s grass-root organisations and gender equity networks.