After more than 25 years offering specialised gender and development research and information services funding for the BRIDGE programme at IDS ended in 2018. The programme website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.



BRIDGE uses a collaborative approach throughout its work. We believe that it is important to reflect the perspectives and experiences of people working in the field, in different regions and from a variety of languages and institutional backgrounds, and to work closely with them to develop outputs and processes together. We engage in meaningful and active partnerships with community based organisations, networks, cooperatives, NGOs and INGOs, resource centres and research institutions. We believe in cross fertilisation and mutual learning from South to South and South to North collaborations. Read more about our partnership approach

Current partnerships

Anacaonas, in partnership with Sula Batsu, a cooperative working on knowledge management and ICTs for development in Central America and based in Costa Rica. Anacaonas is a web space featuring thematic sections hosting BRIDGE outputs and resources identified by Sula Batsu from Latin American organizations, governments and institutions. Such resources include case studies, good practice examples, research papers and reports. The platform is contributing towards gender equality, poverty reduction and social justice in the region and aims to have an extensive and sustainable impact on policy and practice. The site is constantly updated with new materials and is connected to an active community of users through twitter and facebook. Anacaonas supports the sharing of research and knowledge in the region amongst policy-makers and practitioners. 

Observ’action, in partnership with Genre en Action, a network of organisations and individuals working to promote and advance gender equality and development in Francophone countries. Observ’action is a digital resource centre on Gender and Development. For each gender thematic area of focus, Observ’action publishes BRIDGE synthesis work and give visibility to the knowledge, experiences and expertise developed in Francophone countries. The aim is to stimulate dialogue amongst different actors and support the work of activists and policy makers in the region as well as to be the reference point for Gender Observatories existing in a number of countries, including Senegal, Madagascar, Ivory Coast and Cameroon. Observ’action works closely with partners from the Genre en Action network based in different francophone African countries.

OKHub, in partnership with Eldis, BLDS and a range of organisations in the global South. OKHub is an Open Data platform for sharing and downloading digital content about development. Rather than a website or portal, it is a free online service for people who want to share and access Open Content about development. It supports knowledge producers and intermediaries, particularly those in the global South, to improve the availability and accessibility of development research by developing a new open and collaborative “Hub” for the sharing of development knowledge, building on emerging approaches from the Open Access and Open Data movements.