Tweet marathon to celebrate intergenerational activism

AWID are organising an intergenerational 'tweetathon' on Tuesday 16 December to share commitments and stories from people promoting collaborative work from people of all ages within the women’s movement.

The #ICommit tweetathon, led by AWID’s Young Feminist Wire, asks women’s rights organisations and activists to contribute commitments for supporting “effective and meaningful multigenerational organising in women’s movements.”

Tweetathon is a blend of the words “tweet” and “Marathon”and AWID's social media mobilisation will include blog posts and other input from partners, allies, and members on what it takes to organising effectively across generations.

In May 2012, BRIDGE and the AWID Young Feminist initiative worked together on an e-discussion for young activists on issues around creating more gender-just and inclusive social movements. Insights from this discussion were fed into BRIDGE’s Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Programme. BRIDGE will be taking part in the tweetathon by sharing some of our programme’s findings and reinforcing our commitment to collaboration and intergenerational strengthening of gender equality work.

AWID’s Young Feminist Activism program has been working to strengthen intergenerational organising since 2008. They have held e-discussions, dialogues, and webinars. They see sharing stories as important to helping them with this work: “The most exciting learning comes from stories of activists building, working, and mobilizing together in concrete action that is meaningfully and truly collaborative!”

Follow the tweetathon via the #ICommit hashtag.

Find out more about BRIDGE's Gender and Social Movements work at the programme's website.