MenEngage Global Symposium tackles patriarchy, masculinity and gender justice

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The second MenEngage Global Symposium took place in Delhi, India from 10-13 November with a holistic approach to understanding masculinities in different domains as part of a globalizing world. The event examined seven 'tracks of manhood': torment, argument, entitlement, contentment, movement, endearment and ferment. The overall theme of the Symposium was ‘Men and Boys for Gender Justice.’

On Monday 10 November, members of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) research programme 'Gender, Power and Sexuality: connecting local voices to global policy' (funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) ran a satellite session titled 'Getting Under the Skin: Unconventional dialogues on patriarchy and change.' The event explored how we perceive change as happening (or not) in oppressive gender orders. And also, ‘how can men and boys be brought into such agendas for gender justice?’

A panel debated how to understand and try to resist the active naturalisation of patriarchy (and new forms of male supremacy) in evolving systems of power and how this relates to policy in development and to global geopolitics more broadly.

The speakers were:

  • Unpaid care and women’s economic empowerment – Alexandra Kelbert (IDS) and Valentina Utari
  • Masculinities and patriarchy – Phil Otieno and Satish Kumar-Singh
  • Sex and sexuality – akshay khanna (IDS)
  • Dialogues across Social Movements – Julia Hamaus (IDS)
  • Global policy makers’ perspectives – Emily Esplen (OECD) and Carolina Wennerholm (Sida)
  • Moderator: Jerker Edström

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