How to work with men and boys

Male farmers in Western Kenya discuss changes in the climate and weather

This EMERGE practice brief pulls together lessons from good practice highlighted in the EMERGE case studies series.

These case studies document learning from across different regions - Africa, Middle East, Latin America and South Asia. Each case study is highly context specific, engages with different types of men for different reasons and has its own underlying goals and theory of change. Still, when taken together, the lessons of each case study contribute to a broader understanding of why and how to develop programmes and strategies for working with different men and boys to contribute to transforming behaviours, attitudes and institutions. The EMERGE practice brief will be useful for those designing and implementing projects, programmes and other initiatives in this area. 

The brief offers practical guidance on:

  • Why work with men and boys to build gender equality is important
  • How to focus and target an initiative
  • Designing a successful initiative
  • Challenges, solutions and future prioritie

Find out more at the IDS Men, Boys and Gender Equality website.

Photo: Male farmers in Western Kenya discuss changes in the climate and weather. By C. Schubert (CCAFS), under a CC License.