Gender justice in activism: New policy briefs for donors and social movement leaders

Gender and Social Movements policy brief front cover

While women's rights and gender justice are 'on the agenda' for many social movements, activists still encounter strong resistance to changing gendered politics and practices within movements and allied organisations. The BRIDGE Cutting Edge Pack explores some of these debates, challenges and tensions.

The Pack provides some practical routes for nurturing social justice movements that challenge unjust gender power relations. It also gives examples of responses by broader social justice movements to issues of women's rights and gender justice, including two case studies on CLOC-Via Campesina in Latin America and the global human rights movement.

As part of the Supporting Resources Collection for the Gender and Social collection for the Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Pack, BRIDGE has recently published two policy briefs to support this pack, one for donors and one for social movement leaders.

‘Supporting social movements to advance women's rights and gender justice - an approach for donors’, explores how donors support gender justice within and through social movements. The brief highlights strategies donors can take to advance women’s rights and gender justice in movements, drawing from approaches such as the Dutch government’s MDG3 Fund, supporting organisations with strong links to women’s movements and grass-roots women’s activism.

‘Advancing gender justice in social movements - an approach for social movement leaders’ asks how can social movements become more gender-just; many seemingly progressive social movements do not consider gender equality fundamental to achieving social justice. The brief outlines political, cultural and learning strategies that can help movements to advance their gender awareness and proactive approach towards promoting women’s full participation and leadership. By highlighting examples from Shack/Slum Dwellers International, Amnesty International, the CLOC-Via Campesina movement, the National Coordinating Committee of Indigenous Women and others, the brief illustrates that only by integrating gender justice, movements are able to fully achieve social justice in such areas as human rights, housing, the environment and secure livelihoods.

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