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From Commitment to Action: Financing gender equality and women’s rights in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Publication Date: Jan 2015

This four-page brief provides an overview of OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) members’ aid to gender equality since the MDGs and identifies priorities for financing gender equality in the implementation of the post-2015 development agenda. The figures in the brief are based on DAC members’ aid that has been screened using the DAC gender equality policy marker – a statistical tool to measure whether aid activities target gender equality as a policy objective. At present, 92 per cent of all bilateral ‘sector allocable’ aid is screened against the gender marker.

Key messages in the brief:

  • An ambitious agenda for achieving gender equality and women’s rights must be matched by ambitious resources. All countries, including OECD countries, should establish robust systems to track allocations for gender equality and take action to address areas of underinvestment.
  • The underinvestment in gender equality in the economic and productive sectors must be turned around. This is a prerequisite for achieving gender equality and building prosperous societies. The strong focus of the SDGs on economic development provides the ideal opportunity to accelerate efforts to empower women economically and shape an economy that works for women.
  • Countries’ own domestic resources, such as taxes, are the most important source of finance for achieving gender equality and must be responsive to women’s needs and priorities. Public spending should be monitored for its impact on achieving gender equality and women’s rights. Donors, the UN and other partners can play an important role in supporting these country-led efforts.
  • Women’s organisations play a unique role in advancing women’s rights. Governments and donors should invest in women’s organisations at all levels and support their effective participation in national planning and budgetary process

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