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Menstrual Health Education Resource

Author: E. Wilson-Smith
Publication Date: Jan 2013

Developed for Irise International this Menstrual Hygiene Toolkit is intended as a resource for delivering menstrual health education and is tailored to communities across East Africa. Irise International works to support the education and empowerment of women and girls in East Africa through addressing the neglected issue of menstrual hygiene management. The menstrual hygiene toolkit is part of a set of rights-based, girl-positive menstrual and reproductive health resources. Its suggested usage is developing lessons for schoolgirls or training teachers or women’s groups to teach girls themselves. The toolkit contains teaching and training ideas (including activities and standard definitions) around 8 thematic areas relating to menstrual health. In developing the resource, Irise surveyed over 3,000 girls in East Africa and its content is based on the most common questions and themes encountered in the girls’ responses. The 8 themes covered are puberty, anatomy, the menstrual cycle, irregularity, pain, menstrual hygiene, feelings and sex. The toolkit also comprises worksheets and handouts for teaching about menstruation including resources on using, washing and drying reusable pads.