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Singing. Photo by Hannah Nicklin CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
02 Jul 20

The BRIDGE website has been archived

After more than 25 years offering specialised gender and development research and information services funding for the BRIDGE programme at IDS ended in 2018. The programme website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.

Barry Aliman rides her bicycle with her baby to collect water Boromo, Burkina Faso
07 Apr 16

New key issues guide: Social protection and the empowerment of girls and women

This new Key Issues Guide, produced by BRIDGE for the Eldis website, brings together key reading for governments, development partners, civil society organisations and researchers to consider in designing, financing and implementing social protection programmes that can support girls' and women’s empowerment. 

Image from UN Photo. ID 443285 24/06/2010
07 Apr 16

New publication! Gender, Age and Migration: An extended briefing

This new extended briefing from BRIDGE focuses on gender and age, offering an insight into who migrates and who doesn’t, reasons for migrating, experiences of the migration process and what life is like for different groups of migrants and refugees when, and if, they reach their destinations.  The briefing concludes with a set of recommendations for more gender and age sensitive policy making. 

Marbles of the planet Earth
07 Mar 16

Four reasons why gender is an essential part of sustainable development

The Commission on the Status of Women is just around the corner and this year’s focus is ‘women’s empowerment and its link to sustainable development.’ These are four of the reasons why.
A crowd gathers in front of a Rhodes Must Fall banner
29 Feb 16

It’s time to decolonise feminist knowledge

The Rhodes Must Fall campaign has brought the movement to decolonise education out into the open and African gender scholars have a large role to play, professor Signe Arnfred argued at a recent lecture at IDS.
A group of male volunteers lined up, getting ready to patrol the street of Talaat Harb
04 Feb 16

Work with men and boys: What does success look like?

In a new blog series, published in the lead up to the Commission on the Status of Women, people working for gender equality share their experiences.
A green shoot comes up from the desert
18 Jan 16

Without a focus on gender how effective can the climate agreement be?

Climate change is finally being recognised as one of the most serious threats of the 21st Century. At the Paris climate conference (COP21) in December 2015, 195 countries adopted the first ever universal, legally binding global climate deal.

Man trader selling cowpea at Bodija market Ibadan, Nigeria
04 Jan 16

What’s it like to be a man in Nigeria?

VOICES4CHANGE report looks at perceptions and realities regarding men’s attitudes and practices to family, community life and relationships in Nigeria.
Love Matters logo
21 Dec 15

Love Matters Music Awards: Winners announced and new live show unveiled

‘Wake-up call to a perishing generation’ wins the Judges’ vote in song competition about love, sex and relationships, while the People’s choice is won by a teenage experience of rape.
Women hold placards at an anti-detention centre demonstration in the UK
17 Dec 15

Five reasons why gender matters for migrants' rights

Gender affects all aspects of the migration experience: from the reasons people move, to how they do it and their experiences when they arrive in a new place. These are some of the reasons why.
Male farmers in Western Kenya discuss changes in the climate and weather
16 Dec 15

How to work with men and boys

New practice brief from EMERGE aims to support those designing and implementing projects, programmes and other initiatives working with men and boys for gender equality.
Boys take part in a community mapping exercise during a CCAFS and CIAT conducted participatory photography project in Chiquimula, Guatemala
09 Dec 15

Latin America conference addresses work with men and youth

Around 150 people to take part in the Latin America 'Justice, Wealth, Sex and Love' event Guatemala to strengthen alliances and build support for organisations who want to work with men and boys for gender equality.
A woman looks at a map during the second day of COP21 in Paris
08 Dec 15

Five things the UN climate negotiators could do for gender equality

For a transformational international agreement to be reached there needs to be a political commitment to gender equality. Here are five ways the Paris talks could do their bit.
Barry Aliman rides her bicycle with her baby to collect water for her family, Sorobouly village near Boromo, Burkina Faso
07 Dec 15

Three reasons gender matters at the Paris climate talks

Why it's vital that 'Gender Day' is every day at the COP21 negotiations.
Wangu Kanja
02 Dec 15

Fearless woman: Wangu Kanja’s battle for women’s rights

A survivor of a brutal rape and carjacking, Wangu Kanja experienced first-hand the stigma that survivors of sexual violence in Kenya can face. She made it her mission to do something about it.
A woman farms cauliflower in Himachal Pradesh, India. A man works in the background.
30 Nov 15

COP21: key reading from BRIDGE

As the United Nations climate change conference begins in Paris, we take you through some of our resources on why climate change is a gender issue.
Women singing at a Million Women Rise march
24 Nov 15

BRIDGE joins anti gender-based violence campaign

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence runs until 10 December and each day the Institute of Development Studies will be highlighting work on sexual and gender-based violence, gender, education and militarism from around the world – from academic research to blog posts, news and video.
16 Nov 15

Message of solidarity

The BRIDGE team is deeply saddened and shocked by the recent atrocities carried out in Paris, Beirut and other cities around the world. Our thoughts and wishes go out to colleagues, friends and all others affected.
06 Nov 15

Greater autonomy for women and child health in Northern Nigeria

Gender inequality and child mortality, morbidity and malnutrition are inextricably linked as new research from shows.
Illustration of a smiling woman celebrating Sulá Batsú's 10 year anniversary
03 Nov 15

‘ICT´s have to be a tool for all the people’

Kemly Camacho is the General Director of BRIDGE partner Sulá Batsú who celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. In this interview talks about the cooperative’s work on knowledge management in Central America and why she thinks computer engineering is a social science.
'Distracted Meal' from Brian Wolfe under a CC BY-NC 2.0 License
12 Oct 15

Food Security Cutting Edge Pack now available in Spanish and French

As part of BRIDGE’s commitment to accessible, multilingual gender knowledge, our newest publication is now available in three languages.
By Alan Greig, 2010
08 Oct 15

Evidence on men and boys in social change and gender equality

What works best when it comes to engaging men and boys for gender equality? A new collaborative report from the Institute of Development Studies seeks to answer this question.
Ganga Adhikari from Bindabasini, a remote mountain village in Nepal. Ganga and many other women have mobilised themselves for fight for women’s rights in Nepal. By Peter Caton/VSO
13 Aug 15

Beyond women in parliaments: Getting indicators right in the SDGs

Maria Vlahakis from VSO and Abigail Hunt from Womankind Worldwide argue that measuring women’s participation and leadership needs to take into account all levels of decision-making, not just the national government.
By Matt, under a CC License
04 Aug 15

World Breastfeeding Week

The 2015 campaign called for a concerted global action to support women to combine breastfeeding and work. These gender and development experts have been part of the global response.
FFD3 logo
09 Jul 15

Financing for gender equality: one piece of a much broader picture

To mark the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in July 2015, and with the Sustainable Development Goals fast approaching, Jenny Birchall argues that it is time to start listening to those advocating for the rights of the world’s most marginalised.
06 Jul 15

We cannot tackle hunger without transforming gender inequalities

Nearly 60 per cent of the nearly one billion people who go hungry every day are women and girls, even though women constitute the majority of food producers in the world. Alexandra Spieldoch and Alyson Brody explain the shocking global gender disparities that characterise food and nutrition insecurity.
By idreamlikecrazy, under a CC License
02 Jul 15

Time to take notice of women in football?

As excitement builds for the World Cup final, more work is being done to break down the barriers for women and girls, tackling inequality and poverty at the same time.
Words used during the event
30 Jun 15

Gender and sexuality 'provocations'

A recent event at the Institute of Development Studies sought to not only provoke, but stimulate, energise, inspire, motivate and revitalise the Institute's Gender and Sexuality cluster in its thoughts and actions.
By UNMIL / Christopher Herwig
18 Jun 15

Gender and indicators: can equality be measured?

With the Sustainable Development Goals to be finalised at the end of 2015, a new guide from BRIDGE provides an overview of some debates and approaches to measuring change.
Women in a Vietnam market, by Lucas Jans
21 May 15

The gender dimensions of taxes and public spending

It is often assumed that fiscal policies and systems are ‘gender neutral’, but this is not always the case according to a new brief from BRIDGE.