BRIDGE Reports

BRIDGE reports synthesise the key gender and development debates, policies and practice in a selected area.

Reports (71)
Author(s): Y. Huang, Institute of Development Studies UK, Feb 2008
How do young Chinese women perceive their bodies and their sexuality? How do male sex workers construct and act out their masculinity in contemporary China? Can women in Taiwan express... Find out more
Author(s): , BRIDGE, Jul 2007
What does a world without gender inequality look like? Realising this vision requires inspiring and mobilising social change. But what would indicate we are on the right track - and... Find out more
Author(s): , BRIDGE, Jan 2007
The Gender Team at the Bureau for Development Policy (BDP) of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and BRIDGE at the Institute of Development Studies, (IDS), UK, undertook an... Find out more
Author(s): P. Ilkkaracan, S. Jolly, Institute of Development Studies UK, Dec 2006
Why are gender and sexuality important for policymakers, practitioners and activists? Sexuality and gender can combine to make a huge difference in people's lives - between well-being... Find out more
Author(s): Z. Randriamaro, Institute of Development Studies UK, Jan 2006
The general assumption is that trade liberalisation (the removal of barriers to cross-border trade) has equal impacts on men and women. However women and men are affected differently... Find out more
Author(s): E. Esplen, S. Jolly, BRIDGE, Jan 2006
There has been much debate regarding the meanings of 'gender' and 'sex'. Gender is most commonly used as a contrasting term to sex, as that which is socially or culturally constructed... Find out more
Author(s): Y. Feng, Institute of Development Studies UK, Dec 2005
What are the key gender websites in Chinese? This paper provides an initial selection of twenty sites, made by Beijing gender activist and journalist Feng Yuan. These include official... Find out more
Author(s): Susie Jolly, Hazel Reeves, BRIDGE, Jan 2005

In 2000, 1 in every 35 people was an international migrant and half of these were women. The total numbers of people moving internally and the proportions of women among them are... Find out more

Author(s): A. Gurumurthy, Institute of Development Studies UK, Sep 2004
New technologies in the information and communications arena, especially the Internet, have been seen as ushering in a new age. And yet, access to new ICTs is still a faraway reality... Find out more
Author(s): S. Meer, C. Sever, Institute of Development Studies UK, Jan 2004
Feminists and women's rights activists have sought to reframe citizenship from a gender perspective and to show how struggles for women's rights must be seen as citizenship struggles... Find out more