BRIDGE briefing documents synthesise the key gender and development debates, policies and practice in a selected area.

In Brief, BRIDGE’s popular bulletin, comprises an overview of the Cutting Edge Pack theme and two case-study articles by South-focused practitioners. Short and concise, In Brief keeps busy policymakers and practitioners up to date with cutting edge gender themes in development research, policy and practice, and inspires innovative and effective practice. In Brief is usually published annually in English, French and Spanish and anyone can subscribe to receive free ongoing electronic or print copies .

Briefings (26)
Author(s): Alyson Brody (ed), Institute of Development Studies, Sussex [ES], Mar 2016

Food and nutrition insecurity is a gender justice issue. As a direct result of gender inequality over 60 per cent of the hungry are women and girls. They are also most disadvantaged... Find out more

Author(s): G. Aboud, M. Ballara, A. Brody, BRIDGE, Jan 2015
This In Brief argues that tackling gender injustice and truly empowering women is not only a fundamental prerequisite for improving food and nutrition security. It needs to be seen as... Find out more
Author(s): J. Horn, BRIDGE, May 2014
How can donors support gender justice within and through social movements? Private and public donors have always played a part in progressive social movements, in particular by funding... Find out more
Author(s): A. Gurumurthy, N. Chami, BRIDGE, Mar 2014

The rapid global spread of information and communication... Find out more

Author(s): J Horn, M Bhattacharjya, P Caro, BRIDGE, Sep 2013
Social movements worldwide are a critical force for progressive social transformation, and have proven effective in generating change at levels that policy, law and development... Find out more
Author(s): E Skinner, A Brody, G Aboud, Institute of Development Studies UK, Nov 2011
Climate change is increasingly being recognised as a global crisis, but responses to it have so far been overly focused on scientific and economic solutions. How then do we move... Find out more
Author(s): , Institute of Development Studies UK, Apr 2009
Governance processes - with their emphasis on principles of accountability, transparency, responsiveness and inclusiveness - should be a means to social transformation. But despite... Find out more
Author(s): , Institute of Development Studies UK, Jul 2007
What does a world without gender inequality look like? Realising this vision requires inspiring and mobilising social change. But what would indicate we are on the right track - and... Find out more
Author(s): , Institute of Development Studies UK, Dec 2006
Sexuality can bring misery through sexual violence, HIV/AIDS, maternal mortality, female genital mutilation, or marginalisation of those who break the rules, such as non-macho men,... Find out more
Author(s): , Institute of Development Studies UK, Dec 2005
Trade and trade liberalisation have very different impacts on women and men - and can result in fundamental shifts in gender roles, relationships and inequalities. What possibilities... Find out more