Where is the Money for Women’s Rights (WITM) Compilation of Resource Mobilization Tools

Author: L. Carrasco Scherer, N. Raaber
Publisher: Association for Women's Rights in Development
Publication Date: Jun 2001
How can women's rights organisations improve their fundraising efforts to access more money? Feminist movements need to mobilise more resources, under better conditions, in order to continue the key work of transforming social relations. The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) has a multi-year action-research initiative called 'Where is the Money for Women's Rights?'. They have compiled this document - a collection of online resources which can assist women's rights activists to access quality and user friendly information on how to fundraise, write a grant proposal or find donors supporting different sectors and themes. It includes reports, toolkits, guides and Powerpoint presentations. One particular toolkit provides guidance on producing funding proposals and advises organisations to research and plan at least a month before starting the actual writing of a proposal. One report focuses instead on the financial sustainability of women's movements worldwide and suggests a number of possible funders including bilateral and multilateral development agencies, corporate philanthropists and private foundations. As part of any engagement with donors, women's organisations must ask themselves, without compromising their mission, how their organisation's goals can complement the goals of the donor. One Powerpoint presentation suggests how feminist organisations can measure success, while another shares strategies for feminist resource mobilisation.