Gender and Care: Supporting Resources Collection

Author: E. Esplen
Publisher: Institute of Development Studies UK
Publication Date: Feb 2009
This Supporting Resources Collection show-cases existing work on gender and care. It presents summaries and links to key texts, tools and case studies which provide further information on the five main questions addressed in the BRIDGE Gender and Care Overview Report: How can we prompt a re-conceptualisation of care as something that is valuable and productive? How can we bring about a more equal sharing of care responsibilities between women and men? What social policy options are available to reduce the burden of care on household members and to lesson the disadvantages experienced by unpaid care-givers? What strategies are needed to reduce the enormous burden of AIDS-related care which falls disproportionately on women and girls? And how can we protect the rights of domestic workers and other paid carers, including migrant care workers? The collection also provides information on international frameworks and conventions relating to care, and offers snapshots of current thinking and action on gender and care in different regions of the world. Finally, it contains a networking and contacts section which gives details of the organisations featured in the Cutting Edge Pack. Details of how to obtain copies or download the full texts are provided with each summary. This collection forms part of the Cutting Edge Pack on Gender and Care.