BRIDGE Report 70: Key Sexuality Resources in Chinese

Author: Y. Huang
Publisher: Institute of Development Studies UK
Publication Date: Feb 2008
How do young Chinese women perceive their bodies and their sexuality? How do male sex workers construct and act out their masculinity in contemporary China? Can women in Taiwan express their sexual desires and lead sexually liberated lives? What changes have taken place in the sexual lives of Chinese university students over the last ten years? These are just some of the compelling questions explored in this resource, which presents twenty publications in Chinese that focus on different aspects of sexuality and sexual rights in China. These include academic as well as activist books, papers and documentary videos from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The papers cover issues such as sex work, gay and lesbian studies, youth sexuality, sexual practices and relationships, traditional and contemporary sexual culture in China, son preference and abortion, and marriage. Each resource is summarised in Chinese and English, and full references are provided, along with details of where to obtain the full document.