The World Summit on the Information Society: Creating Your Own National Gender Programme - A Practical Guide

Author: M. Andjelkovic
Publisher: Global Youth Action Network - Taking It Global
Publication Date: Jul 2003
This guide provides an overview of The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process and detailed information on how to engage as gender advocates in the WSIS process. It begins by outlining the case for gender equality in the Information Society, and provides some background on UN processes. It also outlines the steps that might be involved in a national gender programme with tips, strategies, and resources to help national gender equality advocates get organised. Topics covered include 'putting together a team', 'fundraising', 'connecting with your government', 'holding a national workshop' and 'connecting with the global process'. This guide also includes summaries of ongoing activities in various countries with respect to gender advocacy for WSIS, including workshops and consultations from Austria and Canada to Indonesia, Cameroon and the Ukraine.