BRIDGE Publications

BRIDGE publications synthesise key gender and development debates, policies and practices relating to a priority theme. By clearly mapping the gender dimensions of an issue through concrete examples and targeted recommendations they are designed to facilitate the gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts of development actors. BRIDGE produces a range of publications – Cutting Edge Packs, Briefings and Bibliographies – that are available online and in print.

  • BRIDGE Bibliographies provide a brief overview of a selected area with the key resources identified and then summarised.
  • BRIDGE briefing documents outline key gender and development debates, highlight case studies and suggest additional resources.
  • Written and produced in collaboration with partners, Cutting Edge Packs provide accessible overviews of the latest thinking on a cutting edge gender theme in development research, policy and practice.
  • BRIDGE Reports synthesise the key gender and development debates, policies and practice in a selected area

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